Nemo Mobile kernel is rebased

Current Nemo Mobile kernel is based on outdated N9 kernel sources 2.6.32-20112201+0m6.

There was many changes/fixes in the N9(50) kernel since this kernel version. DocScrutinizer05@freenode gave link to iso image with Harmattan sources provided by Nokia, the image contains updated N9(50) kernel sources tarball.

I found the nearest mainline commit, branched from it and applied 2.6.32-20121301+0m8 sources divided it onto several patches (mechanically, using basic python script) to avoid to make a single commit consisting from ~500000 LOC :), applied actual Nemo patches (most patches lost their value, it was backports of some fixes done in the 2.6.32-20121301+0m8 kernel).

Resulting sources can be found in the bitbucket git, branch mer-n9-2.6.32-20121301, Nemo Mobile package for the period of testing is hosted in my OBS home, and can be installed from Nemo Mobile repository.

I have tested it on my N950 but, of course, and it seems everything is fine. But I can't promise that your device will not destroy the Universe :-P So, install it on your risk and do not blame me. But feedback is welcome ;-).

Org version 7.8.11 with Emacs version 24

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