Understanding Jolla Sailfish UI

I heard some people find Sailfish UI non-intuitive. I think the main reason is that those people do not understand the structure of this UI. I have a view of it and I guess this view also corresponds to the view of UI designers. Just imagine that after you removed the protective film (I am sure you did it ;)) there are several films remained on the transparent glass screen. And each film is the view/window to the other dimension. Also the size of the film is equal to the size of the screen. So, any finger gesture started from the edge of the screen (current film) is the pulling or peeling of a film. And finger gestures done inside the film affects view shown inside of the film itself. Now everything is in the place:

  • There is a Main View film, through it user sees long vertical view. This view consists of the Lock Screen, Home Screen and Apllication Icon Grid.
  • If application is started, first Main View film is scrolled to the Home Screen to show future location of the application miniature on it and then started. Application View film covers Main View film
  • At any time user can "unwrap" the Event View film above other films from the bottom edge of the screen: you can imagine that this film is always "wrapped" into thin invisible tubule there. This film can be "wrapped" back from the top edge of the screen (as also from the bottom edge).
  • To get any film out one just "peel" it from the top. This obviously means Application View or Event View will be closed (removed), Main View will be blanked (locked).
  • While working with Application View film, if user wants to see the Home Screen he can just start to "wrap" this film with the finger from the left or right edge. In this case Main View film (hidden under the Application film) is shown in the way allowing user to see all Home Screen indicators. If Application film is fully wrapped (to the center of the screen), it is replaced by its miniature (active cover) dropped to the Home Screen and, of course, Main View film becomes visible. Or, if user do not want to "wrap" this film and put it back to the home screen, he can "unwrap" Application film moving finger back to the edge.

What can be more intuitive and easy? If your memory will not fit this simple model, you really need to train your memory a bit ;) There is a good book from O'Reilly to help with this task.

P.S. There is a very interesting and useful user guide written by our colleagues. It explains a lot and written with love.

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